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What we do

We are a specialist firm, which helps organisations understand and connect with diverse communities and promote positive relationships within the BAME community.

We analyse audience behaviour and provide insight so that you can get a better understanding of the target market. We help you to develop policy and strategy, and we manage and plan campaigns to help you increase brand awareness and in turn income. We advise on diversity and inclusion across all levels, in a manner which is meaningful and impactful, with a view to supporting the overall governance and growth of your organisation.
Most importantly we listen and work closely with you to ensure that your objectives are met.

Our Clients

Whatever sector your business is in we can help. Some of the organisations we have supported in the past include UNICEF, UK for UNHCR, Save The Children, Cambridge Muslim College, British Asian Trust, United World Schools and The British Red Cross

Some of the organisations we are proud to have worked with

Our Story

In 2003 a northerner and a londoner, one oozing with creative ideas the other with a hunger that couldn’t be filled by a three course meal, fresh out of university arrive for their first day at work.

Both handed buckets and keys to a couple of old run down cars, a telephone directory and an A-Z map, this was the initiation for a community fundraiser working for a humble Muslim charity.  As the years progressed one became Head of Communications the other the Head of Fundraising, and together over the course of the next 10 years helped build the charity into the largest Muslim brand in the UK with a global footprint stretching from the streets of KL, to the metropolis of Toronto.

Both left and took on new adventures, however the friendship continued.  Children were born, football was played and many an argument was had over which of the Khans was the ultimate Bollywood icon.  But one thing remained missing from their lives, the joy of working together and building a brand.  So one Friday evening during their weekly family get-together, an idea sparked.   Both had spent their entire working lives engaging with the South Asian marketplace, and came to a realisation, their community is actively looking for alternative and quality offerings, whether that be in the form of fashion, entertainment, finance, food and beyond.  Someone needed to take the initiative and connect the Asian world with the relevant brand and Friday Promotions was born.

Adil Husseini has over 17 years’ experience working in the Not-for-Profit sector. Having started his career as a community fundraiser, he went on to become the Head of Communications at Islamic Relief, where he devised and built their global communications and marketing strategy. He then moved onto the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) where he took on the role of Director of Marketing and Fundraising and led seven appeals, raising over £320million. Most recently he led the digital and content strategy for UNICEF UK. He has successfully led many integrated marketing, communications and fundraising campaigns including advising Save the Children, UNICEF Global, British Asian Trust among many others on their Ramadan creative development and marketing outreach. Adil is currently an advisor to the National Zakat Foundation board.

Adil Husseini

Basit Khan has over 17 years’ experience working in Business Development across various sectors, including financial services, tax planning and fundraising. Having spent the early part of his career advising high net worth individuals with their financial and tax planning needs, he went on to become the Head of Fundraising at Islamic Relief, where he was instrumental in building the philanthropy department and increasing voluntary income to £30million. As a result of this, he was nominated as an Ambassador for the Institute of Fundraising 2015 National Convention, Best You Can Be campaign. Basit is a leading expert on Faith Based Giving, he is one of the founders of the International Waqf Fund, developed Save the Children’s Zakat policy, created and implemented the engagement strategy for UNICEF’s Global Muslim Philanthropy Fund for Children and oversaw the UK HNW Muslim engagement strategy for UNHCR. Viewers of the Islam Channel will often find Basit on the sofa of the flagship show Living the Life, where he is one of the regular presenters.

Basit Khan

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